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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Crank It

Things are getting done around these parts, little by little.  Got my new (not bent) brake pedal on, with a nice chromed Anderson peg to accompany it.  This pedal actually clears the FX pipes now.  Can't beat the look of stock mids with these pipes in my opinion.
My Crazy Frank is bolted on but it sat insanely high with my stock 12" shocks, so Ken fuckin hooked it up with these short old school Progressives.  I owe this guy one.

Lenny likes licking them.

I painted a snare drum with the ghost of Manson.

Ken's not lollygaggin either.  Spring's here!

Ken needs 1" bars!  The wilder the better.  Anybody have any for sale? 

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