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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Curious Franks

Here's a couple variations of Crazy Frank fenders that I found very interesting.  This one looks like it may be a modified original, or possibly even a one-off custom version.  Either way, it's really cool!
The white seat is awesome.
This one is wild.  I have no clue what those mounts would fit.  They have a real strange angle, and it looks like the top taillight mount was cut off and relocated right on the fender; eliminating the plate mount.  Again, this could even be a custom take on a classic.
This is someone's bike on the Jockey Journal, and it sports the elusive rigid Crazy Frank.  Subtle beauty, and I'm diggin' the backrest.
Here's a weld-on version for a rigid frame.
This is a prismic Frank that Justin from AZ found and for scored for dirt cheap, and sent me a picture of.  I've only seen 2 modern pictures of these (this one and mine), and a couple old magazine scans of them. 
Craze's Born Free Pan sporting a rigid Frank and leaf struts flat out rules.
Looks like a total custom job but it reminds me of a Frank.  The integration of the Master Craft light is so awesome.


  1. the red one seems to fit softails with chopped rea fender struts...

  2. top one is by Jason at A.T.R blog, one off build