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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Thanks Nick!!!

So at this past Strange Days, I noticed our buddy Nick from PA put a different seat on his bike.  Upon closer inspection, I saw the flame pattern stitching on it, and instantly knew it originally came from a Crazy Frank setup; and I just happened to have the matching passenger pad!  He said some old timer he knows had the seat laying around, and thought he might like it.  Then Nick being the nice guy he is, said I could have it.  I decided to make a trade for it and get him the extended cowbell fork tins he was looking for.  The trade was made, and Nick fuckin' hooked it up, thanks again man!
My $5 swap meet seat held on by a bungee cord has seen better days and was due for retirement.  It's awesome to finally have the matching seat for my Crazy Frank.  I love the cheesey old flame stiching, it goes perfect with the early 80's feel.
Seat and pad reunited...

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