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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Strange Days 4: Tingler Updates! It Takes a Village To Build a Chopper!

Time for a Strange Days 4 "Tingler" mega update post!!! This bike is going to some lucky winner at Strange Days! The real challenge has been trying to use as much stock Sportster parts as possible. A Sportster chopper that still looks like a Sportster!

Ben nailed it with the custom oil tank with trick battery compartment that will house a small 4 cell ballistics battery, 2 breakers, and switches.

 We bent up a new seat pan that needed some special fab to fit the frame nice. Carl Miller will be doing the seat again this year. He has done the seats for the two previous bikes and does outstanding work!

 Good to Carl! Start stitchin' up some hide! 

We have the stock rises with an extra 2" of rise added. Just need some welding and some paint and they are good to go.

 Ken and Chris put the wheels together.18" Firestone ANS for the rear and 21" Avon with stock drum for the front. Thanks to Eddie from Unique for the front tire and other goodies!

Man what a stance!

Matt Rush of Rush Cycles came by with our motor! It doesn't even look like the same motor we gave him a few months ago. Plane and simple, Matt knows his shit. We'll be doin burnouts for sure.

Fitting up some XLR pipes cause they just look so damn good!


We brought the Tingler outside for some fresh air.

The ol'man approves! Don't forget this bike could be yours!
Strange Days July 11th-13th. 
(and yes we know the clock is ticking!)


  1. Damn my bike is looking. When/how do I get the winning ticket?

    1. Friday night at the Vernon Inn pre party or the day of the show Saturday!