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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Tingler Is Finished! Come Win This Bike At Strange Days Next Weekend!

The Tingler is finished! It has been another long process and thousands of hours to bring this old chopper new life. Special thanks to Matt Rush for rebuilding the motor, Carl Miller for the seat work, Bob of Toon Town for the paint. Yours truly, Ben, and Joe did the fab work. Big thanks to Ken and Chris to let us work on this bike for Strange Days again. It takes a village to build a chopper!

Photo Credit to Jay Cagney

Here's quick recap of the whole build process. Our goal was to build a chopped Sportster that utilized as much original Sportster parts as possible.

This is what we started with back in November/December.

Matt Rush did an amazing job bringing this tired motor back to life.

 Test and tune! This bike absolutely rips! 

Come win this bike at Strange Days this weekend, July 11,12,13!!!! For more details on how, visit 
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