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Thursday, January 27, 2011


My buddy had these old pictures of me and my '78 CB400.  I liked it because it was the twin, not the four.  All the parts for it kind of just came together.  The seat, sissy bar, and twisted struts were ebay scores, we made the pipes from Napa pieces, and the rear fender was Ken's front fender off his Sportster.  Ken also donated the drum front wheel off of his CB360.  That coffin tank was painted black when I bought it, but after some sanding I discovered that beautiful confederate flag paintjob that it had, probably done in the '70's.  Pretty cool to look back at this stuff.  I still have the bike but it's not working order right now; big twins took over my life!
Riding to skate.

Jon trying her out.

Fun times on that thing.

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