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Friday, January 21, 2011

shovel chop

So my red shovel is getting a make over this winter and it just puts a smile on my face, from my pictures you might ask why dont i just hardtail the frame i have already but when you look close its actually an aftermarket fxr frame from santee ment to look like an fxe frame, and now your saying why would you want to hardtail one of harleys best handling motorcycles but that frame design doesnt handle like the original triangle harley frame and has bad vibration and just limted to what you can do with the whole floating assembly so chop it pussy. So i picked up this paughco frame from a garage sale for cheap and then bought the hardtail from custom chrome and started the fun!! since the cheap hardtail is ment for an og harley frame it was a bitch to fit right, to wide up top and the height was about half inch to short but nothing some heat and bending cant fix haaaa!! after 10 hrs of measuring and fitting she was tacked on and looking nice and straight. The bottom legs of the frame rail are just butted against the frame, couldnt plug weld it cause the paughco is solid round stock to the seat post, so capt cal and his pops gave me the idea to replace the the 2inch rectangle stock that supports the rear trans mount with a wider one that will go past the seam and then cap the tubing and just weld it all up as one nice solid peice. Now im on the road for six weeks so this how far i got with her before i left..... stay tuned in 2 months for the rest of the project!!!

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