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Saturday, March 19, 2011

PA Swap Meet

We hit up the Allentown, PA swap meet today, and it was pretty shitty once again; besides all of our buddies' bikes from the AMCA.  All I got was an FX mid brake lever, one chromed Anderson peg, and an old white Harley peg cover.  It was better than nothing I guess but the venue's $10 entry fee makes it questionable.  Hey could be worse!
Jay stopped by on his FLH yesterday during 70 degree weather and my Crazy Frank progress.  I really dig the passenger pad he got.

I got it mocked up, but still have to cut off the battery ground cable mount and relocate it on the other side of the cross piece on the frame to slide the fender totally forward and bolt it in.  It also won't be sitting that high, because I had a block of wood holding the frame up.

Ken's got some psychedelic ideas brewing!

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