STRANGE DAYS is a vintage motorcycle show, camp-out, races, live music festival, and all around party! This year's show, Strange Days 10, is unfortunately canceled for the time being due to all of the unforeseen circumstances that are out of our hands going on in this crazy world today. Stay tuned for updates on when the show will be rescheduled for.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Swinger chop

So its been awhile since i posted the progress of the swinger, with the planing of strange days and trying to build this moon machine i havent had to much time to fart around on this hear into web. It has essentially been 2 months into the build and i feel im hauling ass on it, only couple more weeks for Ride to skate and this gal is doing it!!!

Sooo it was time to rip that shovel out of that shot ass fxr, for the most part everything went smooth into the rigid besides a minor cut on the rear motor mount

So i decided to use this 80s flh front fender for the back end of this bitch, started by cutting out the brackets and then the contour for the rear 16inch juice drum

after slicing her up i got a coil of 1/8 steel rod and started tack welding it into to place nice and slowly, after it is all spot welded it will look like a real nice rolled edge and also made that tin a little more sturdy

rear oil tank bracket....
shaved the tress down

So i scraped up what i had laying around to make the exhaust, i knew i wanted some bird shooters but i just didnt know exactly what, i was flirting around with some trumpet tips and what not but the up swept drag pipes just fell into place, sorry about the photo time frame, kinda of blacked out, but hey their mocked up!!!

Its always fun twisting and turning some metal up on a nice spring day so why not start to tackle the headlight mount!!!!

but i gave up for the night. off the PA for the swap meet, got a shit ton of strange days fliers to hand out!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Man I'm excited to hear how this muffller sounds (hopefully as good as it looks).  It required a little tweaking: a cut, a bend, and then Ken hooked it up as usual with a pro weld.  The little bracket took 15 minutes and she's on.  Things are gettin' Strange!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Frank It!

Hopefully the weather holds out and mine looks like this on Friday heading to Oley, PA for the swap.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Strange Summer

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for spring, summer, and Strange Days to find us.  The winter nights of bondo and blackberry brandy in the basement were fun, but it's time to ride.

Boobs offset the freaks in short shorts right?

Friday, April 15, 2011

July 23-24, Be There!

So we got the land, flyers are in the works, bands are being contacted, and plans are flying around like nuts!  This is an overhead view of the location; its gorgeous. This was taken at the top of the Appalachian Trail's Pinwheel Vista lookout.  The fields are beautiful and set right against the woods, so the down to earth nature feel of the location can't be beat.  Soon it will be filled with the drug-induced antics of hippies with flaming hula-hoops, insane vintage moon machine choppers roaming around, and psychedelic tunes from the glory days!  So keep your eyes peeled for the cool flyers we're making, and fucking join us on this journey! 
Between all this wild shit going on, and trying to save every possible dollar we can, we're also working on our bikes!  The old 2 into 1 muffler fit on the FX pipes without much trouble, but needs to be modified a little since it angles slightly inward and hits the rear axle.

It's really comin' along.  The horsehead DSC tail light is wired in, the short Progressives are on, all the pegs are in place, and the seat bracket is almost done.  Only thing left is to finish the muffler mods, make a mount for some fuses, and the Frankin'Shovel's on the road!
Scored a couple parts, and the beefy stroker I-beam kicker arm looks right at home on the bike.

Big thanks to this wild man for renting us his gorgeous property!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Strange Days July 23-24!!!

Come join us at Strange Days in the majestic green rolling hills of northern New Jersey and expand your motorcycle mind!! Live music, PBRs, BBQ, Bikes, and Camping at the foot hills of the Appalachian Mountains in Vernon New Jersey. Also will raffle off a custom painted gas tank from 313 paint! ( got any paint ideas? let us know)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Strange Days and more

So the past couple weeks have been busy, from getting way to drunk, working on the moon machine, trying to make a dollar, chasing vagina and trying to plan out Strange Days weekend... wait that event is still goin, prob what your thinkin, and yes it is!!!! We were having trouble locking down a piece of land, The owner of the property were trying to use now is warming up to our idea, and hopefully by the next couple weeks well have his dirty hippie signature on paper giving us the OK!!! So dont worry well be listening to music, pounding PBRs, looking at choppers, and taking LSD before you know it!!!

The Swinger moon machine is taking shape
Their is still tons of work to be done on the swinger before she is ready for the earth, but its a coming. Next is to start making that front 80s flh fender look more like a rear fender. Im also waiting on some axle parts for my rear wheel, the invader you see is from a sporty witch im not runing, im using a star hub juice drum set up and ounce she is in its also sissy bar time!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Crank It

Things are getting done around these parts, little by little.  Got my new (not bent) brake pedal on, with a nice chromed Anderson peg to accompany it.  This pedal actually clears the FX pipes now.  Can't beat the look of stock mids with these pipes in my opinion.
My Crazy Frank is bolted on but it sat insanely high with my stock 12" shocks, so Ken fuckin hooked it up with these short old school Progressives.  I owe this guy one.

Lenny likes licking them.

I painted a snare drum with the ghost of Manson.

Ken's not lollygaggin either.  Spring's here!

Ken needs 1" bars!  The wilder the better.  Anybody have any for sale?