STRANGE DAYS is a vintage motorcycle show, camp-out, races, live music festival, and all around party! This year's show, Strange Days 10, is unfortunately canceled for the time being due to all of the unforeseen circumstances that are out of our hands going on in this crazy world today. Stay tuned for updates on when the show will be rescheduled for.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Our New Project...

We recently picked up this '74 CB750 survivor chopper and brought her home to the Strange Days garage.  We're in the process of reviving it and getting it back in action, in all her chromed out 70's glory!  This is NOT the giveaway bike for net year's Strange Days (more on that later...)  Once she's back in tip-top shape, we will be selling this bike in he near future, so stay tuned!
It's got a real mean stance with the 8" over Honda front end, and 21"  ribbed hub dual mini disc front wheel.
Someone spent a lot of money on chrome for this thing.
We're cleaning and syncing the carbs at the moment.
Anyone ever see a plastic sprocket?!  Needless to say, we're replacing that bad boy.
Stay tuned, cause this mean machine will be up for sale soon...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Brooklyn Baby

This year was the best yet for the Invitational.  The bikes seemed even more mindblowing than past years.  The amount of people, bikes, and builders there was nuts.  The free entry is always awesome, although beer wasn't free this time!  Oh well, such a good time, I wish I actually took some pictures.
Checking out the Speedmetal dual carb VL frame knuckle in all its glory complete with road grime was the highlight of my night.
Cal and Joe made it on one of the gallery walls!
Tom Fugle had a huge array of his handmade leather goods and rock transfers for sale, so it was cool to add an awesome buckle to my collection and support a legendary pioneer in this chopper shit we love.
Max Schaaf's pan was amazing in person.  I regret not taking a couple pics of T-Bone's shovel which blew my mind too.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Old Parts Discovery

We scored some cool old parts this weekend at a fairly local bike shop.  The paint on this '67-only Triumph side cover made it waaaaayy too cool to pass up.
A '65-'69 chromed treat for my shovel.
Some really cool 7/8 pullbacks, and hey Nick, I finally got your extended cowbell fork tins!  Let's make a trade in Brooklyn this weekend....
Here's a super cool NOS Ness digger fender.  It's fiberglass, was never used or drilled, and has the tunnel inside for taillight wiring.  It will probably go on ebay sooner than later, so if you're in need of one hit me up:

Monday, September 10, 2012

Gypsy Run 6

What's there to say?  Another awesome run with great people!  The bikes ran surprisingly great, no one got hurt, nonstop laughs, the scenic landscapes were more than abundant, and as usual, the partying did not disappoint!  The east coast has got it going on.
A beautiful waterfall we stumbled upon in the Catskills.
Tasties in the town of Woodstock.
Frankie Evo.
Ed's shovel (on the right) just didn't want to make the last leg of the trip and quit on him, so we pulled into the Kittatinny Campground to find no compression on his motor.  He called up Benny for help while the rest of us checked out the Russian music festival that was going down; interesting to say the least.
Perfect natural loading dock.
Back at home.  These two pigs treated us great this weekend and it couldn't have been more fun.  Not nearly enough documentation went down on my part but these few highlights get the point across.  What a blast!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gypsy Runnin

The Gypsy run is a couple days out!! Get your moon machines rolling and let's ride the sexxy curves of the tristate.