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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Brooklyn Baby

This year was the best yet for the Invitational.  The bikes seemed even more mindblowing than past years.  The amount of people, bikes, and builders there was nuts.  The free entry is always awesome, although beer wasn't free this time!  Oh well, such a good time, I wish I actually took some pictures.
Checking out the Speedmetal dual carb VL frame knuckle in all its glory complete with road grime was the highlight of my night.
Cal and Joe made it on one of the gallery walls!
Tom Fugle had a huge array of his handmade leather goods and rock transfers for sale, so it was cool to add an awesome buckle to my collection and support a legendary pioneer in this chopper shit we love.
Max Schaaf's pan was amazing in person.  I regret not taking a couple pics of T-Bone's shovel which blew my mind too.