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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Strange Days and more

So the past couple weeks have been busy, from getting way to drunk, working on the moon machine, trying to make a dollar, chasing vagina and trying to plan out Strange Days weekend... wait that event is still goin, prob what your thinkin, and yes it is!!!! We were having trouble locking down a piece of land, The owner of the property were trying to use now is warming up to our idea, and hopefully by the next couple weeks well have his dirty hippie signature on paper giving us the OK!!! So dont worry well be listening to music, pounding PBRs, looking at choppers, and taking LSD before you know it!!!

The Swinger moon machine is taking shape
Their is still tons of work to be done on the swinger before she is ready for the earth, but its a coming. Next is to start making that front 80s flh fender look more like a rear fender. Im also waiting on some axle parts for my rear wheel, the invader you see is from a sporty witch im not runing, im using a star hub juice drum set up and ounce she is in its also sissy bar time!!!

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