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Monday, May 23, 2011

Ride to Skate 5 / shake down run

So friday evening i got the shovel back together after a rear sprocket problem, i just finished the build on this gal tuesday, not enough cash for a rear brake front only haaa, I put about 20 miles on her. So i guess Ride to skate 5 would be a perfect shake down run! I rode out to Nicks place in Bath, P.A friday night and met up with him after the Delware water gap around 11:30pm, Riding thru a star lit night in Nj then into fog and some rain in Pa it felt great to be cruising on this death trap but hey i made the first 70 mile trek to Bath

Soo Saturday morning we got a early start and met up with Nicks brotha Michael and their buddy Michael at the garage somewhere in the sticks of P A. Somehow are early start turned into a lane splitting engine mis firing race down Broad St 15 mins to late arrival at FDR.
michaels sporty

nicks softail

2 miles down the road from fdr and the shovel couldnt stop crackling and poping so we pulled over, turned out my point gap closed up on me so instead of being 18 thousands it was more like 2 thousands of a gap, match book feeler gauge later and as Willie Nelson sang..... on the road again

we made it down to the skate park in baltimore to find out everyone left to go and party, hmm not a bad idea so we went to get groovey are selfs, got to drinking beers, talking about nonsense checking out some rad moon machines and of course ended up at a strip club! Rise and shine Sunday morning and it was a great ride thru the Omish country!! After splitting up with the crew up towards Bath P.A. I was solo goin back to the NJ. all in all it was close to a 500 mile weekend and the budget build shovel made it!!!! Great weekend of bikes, miles, sunshine, and beers.
Its not the destination, but the journey in between

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