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Monday, August 29, 2011

Vintage Motorcycle Museum in Newburgh, NY

I took a little trip on my birthday August 4th, to the Motorcyclepedia Museum in Newburgh, NY, put together by Ted and his pops from V-Twin.  It was seriously an unreal experience.  The amount of vintage iron in that place is mind boggling.  The downstairs floor has all the really old shit from the teens and under.  My favorite area was Chopper City, so here's just a tiny taste of what's there.  I highly suggest checking this place out.
Some really cool Ed Roth shit there.

In my dreams!

Painted in '69.

You can see Captain America peeking out.  The Easyriders replica bikes were fuckin spot on.  Insane shit there.  I have to go back soon; it's so much to take in, and for only a $10 donation it's more than worth it.


  1. Aside from motor shows, I really have to add museums to my must-visit list! Man, instead of a blast to the past, this place seems like another dimension. The retro paint job and their shining metals are well-preserved that one can’t help but sigh in amazement. And those three-wheels are eye-catching! Way to go for the most glorious era of motorbikes!

    Erik Lucien

  2. Well, when it comes to museums, people usually think that it’s more of an educational thing but it can be as fun and cool at the same time, you know. You should really try visiting a motorcycle museum. You can learn a lot about bikes and amuse yourself with all the kinds of motorcycle you can possibly see. :D

    Claudio Mccarty

  3. That rainbow colored bike behind you looks really cool! Those guys in New York did a great job in mixing up fancy colors with those awesome rides. I bet you really had a great time on your birthday!

    Hannah Parkin