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Monday, April 30, 2012

Oley, PA Swap Meet

The antique swap meets are always an awesome time, and this year was no exception.  Here we are finishing up our bikes the night before.  Ken literally got his bike off the jack in the morning and we took off to Al Kelly's place.
The ride there was insanely cold but we braved it, as well as the camping in 28 degree weather at night.  The firehouse on the grounds served up some great hot food and cold brews.
There are SO many amazing bikes at these meets that it's overwhelming; so photos are passed up. 
We didn't go too crazy with the parts buying this year, but these old bars with perfect bends were my favorite purchase; I'll have to run them with my new flat trees...
My $5 bars even came with this old AEE stamped mirror clamp as a bonus.  Ken scored a nice chrome flat fender and an old hex stock sissy bar for his shovel chop.
Hollywood's newly finished knuckle.  The following pics I stole from his site:
Al's '47.
Billy trying out Jason's VL.

Ed tinkering.
It's always great hanging out and seeing everyone, these meets are the best; can't wait for Rhinebeck!

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