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Monday, July 22, 2013

Thanks Everyone!!!

Just want to thank everyone that braved the heat and the threat of storms to come out and party with us this weekend!  It was a great turnout and seriously a blast as usual.  Things went super smooth, and Sean from Philly won himself an insane chopper!  So many laughs and memorable moments were crammed into the past few days that felt by like they flew by in a few minutes.  

Thanks again to all the bands that showed up and cranked some awesome tunes for us, our buddies for helping us out with the show / cleanup, our friends Retrofit for building the bike, anyone that came out to vend, Bob at Toon Town for the insane paint, Carl Miller for the seats, Fulton Paint Works for the wild raffle tank, PBR for the brews, Boss Hawg  Smokers for the delicious BBQ, Jamie Rickey for the gorgeous land, The Vernon Inn for the pre-party, everyone else for the sponsorship giveaways, and of course I'm probably forgetting a bunch of people; it wouldn't be possible without all these great people.

I took hundreds of photos so stay tuned!

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