STRANGE DAYS is a vintage motorcycle show, camp-out, races, live music festival, and all around party!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thanks Lowbrow!!!

Huge thanks to Lowbrow Customs again for really hooking it up for Strange Days 4.  Lowbrow supports us year after year, and we couldn't be more grateful.  That's what makes all this possible.  Stay tuned to find out what the future holds for these stylin' tanks...


  1. to see lowbrow supporting a first class event. Also the progress on Ironhead looks great. Way to make stock parts work! You fuys are real pros. That picture of Neil is freaking classic. I haven't seen it before

  2. I paused a live in '71 dvd and took a picture of it haha. Drinking a beer and playing a banjo in woods; doesn't get any better than that.