STRANGE DAYS is a vintage motorcycle show, camp-out, races, live music festival, and all around party!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Official Strange Days 4 Schedule

Here's the rundown on the Strange Days 4 schedule, since there's some confusion or something about mobile viewing(?) and I live in the stone age haha. This is it, be there or be square:

Friday July 11:

SD4 pre-party at the Vernon Inn tiki bar, 7:00 - 11:00pm w/ live music from Big Boss Sausage

Saturday July 12:

Superb bike show, live tunes all day and night, '71 HD show chopper giveaway, camping, party time! Step back in time...

Sunday July 13:

It's over, get up and go.

Join us on a spiritual and mechanical journey! STRANGE DAYS 4 is a vintage motorcycle show, camp-out, live music festival, swap meet, and all around party that takes place in the mountains of northern NJ. It's amazing we are coming up on our 4th year already!

The dates are set: July 11th-13th 2014 at the the Rickey Farm 442 Rt. 94 Vernon, NJ 07462.

Once again we'll be kicking it off with a pre-party Friday night at the Vernon Inn tiki bar: 340 Rt. 94 Vernon, NJ 07462.

There will be drink specials and live tunes from Big Boss Sausage. We will also be unveiling the giveaway bike: a 1971 Harley Davidson Sportster show chopper called "The Tingler." Tickets will be available this night until the giveaway of the bike on Saturday July 12 at 7:00pm. They are $10 apiece or 3 for $25, and must be present to win. (see the post below for details on the bike!)

Camping at the Rickey Farm is welcome, and there will be live acoustic tunes and old chopper movies projected on a screen for viewing pleasure.

Camping is available at the Rickey Farm: 442 Rt. 94 Vernon, NJ 07462 from July 11 - 13, and the $20 admission includes the whole weekend: sponsorship product giveaways, live music all day and night, bike show, bonfire, and campsite.

Vendor spots are available for $50 (includes admission for 2)

Parts swapping is encouraged!

Live music all day on Saturday July 12:

Band lineup:

The Drops

Dutch Guts / Wolf Pussy/ & friends

The Cranks / Bottom Teeth

Gypsy Wig


Bendy Effect

Uncle Shoehorn


Sunday July 13:

Get up and go; Monday comes quick!

Anyone interested in Vending, sponsorship, or questions contact us at:

Mission Statement:

Strange Days is a motorcycle get together for like minded chopper enthusiasts. It also takes place at a man's private property who is being kind enough to have us; so respect for his land is important. This is purely about the love of bikes, good tunes, and just having a fun time. We would love for everyone to join us, and just keep it peaceful! So please no fireworks, personal fires, burnouts, attitudes, or fights. We're encouraging a No Colors policy to help ensure this. No offense or disrespect to anyone, we just want to keep it low key, safe, and to be able to to do it again! Much thanks!

See ya there!
1971 Harley Davidson Sportster custom built show chopper:  "The Tingler" -  "I could be yours for $10, come win me baby!!!"

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