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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Factory Chromed '48 EL?

As we arrived at Ride to Skate in Philly a couple years ago, I spotted a chromed bike from a distance, and was drawn to it like a magnet.  Ooooh a panhead + springer = 1948; it was gorgeous.  Struck up a conversation with the owner, Dave Minerva, and found he had just bought it recently.  What a score!  He probably thought I was nuts but oh well haha.
After that, I started seeing the bike at every antique swap meet, and then saw this really cool article about it from the Oley, PA meet 2014, in the latest AMCA magazine.  They talk about the history of the bike, and the possibility of it coming with chromed tins from the factory.  Super interesting; so here's some scans of the article, enjoy!
"While original-paint bikes develop an interesting patina over time, this machine might be said to have a certain 'chrome-tina,' with the weathered plating looking like an artistic representation of faded technological promise."

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